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A bedroom makeover ready for the cooler months

A bedroom makeover ready for the cooler months

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

As the leaves start to change colour outside, it is only fitting that the interior of your home transforms to reflect the cooler months to come.

Of course, bedrooms are always a cosy escape, but during autumn and winter that warm atmosphere really shines.

Luckily, it is easy to make over your bedroom on a budget. With a few small additions, you will be looking forward to cuddling up inside all through the cooler months.

Bring autumn colours inside

According to Dulux, the colours to watch this autumn include terracotta, russet, soft grey-greens, neutrals and vibrant red. These colours can easily be incorporated into a bedroom space with a new cushion cover, vase, blanket or bedspread, and they perfectly complement the current trend for natural materials like timber and stone.

Image via Adairs

Rug up

Rugs are a beautiful and functional addition to the bedroom, keeping your toes warm on those cold winter mornings. A pale sheepskin, flokati or shag rug will make the room seem welcoming but classy, and can even add the impression of light to a dim interior.

Image via Dobkanize.com

Lights, candles, action!

Experiment with warm lighting to create a nurturing atmosphere. Depending on the space, you can use lamps, downlights and candles to make the room glow. Candles not only create a calm atmosphere, but the scents can also help you relax.

Image via Georgina Kostara

Embrace winter textures

Fur and knits are the key textures for the cooler seasons; both functionally and aesthetically they are the ideal material for any bedroom. Throw a chunky knit or fur blanket over a bed or chair for a sophisticated touch that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

Photo via Three Birds Renovations

Layer on layer

Layering up is a great way to add warmth and depth a room. Throwing some extra pillows on your bed can create a new aesthetic, so think new colours, shapes, fabrics and designs. Doubling up on blankets is another great way to make a room cosier – and keep you warm when the nights get cool!

Image by Sheridan via TLC Interiors

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