8 tips to ensure a smooth move into your new home

8 tips to ensure a smooth move into your new home

8 tips to ensure a smooth move into your new home

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

Last updated on December 10th, 2020 at 05:46 am

Moving into a brand-new home is an exciting time in anyone’s life.

However, there are several things that are often overlooked until the time has come to move in. We’ve rounded up eight things to consider before moving in so you can avoid any unexpected surprises.

1. Organise a removalist

Organising a good removalist company will help to ensure that all of your items get packed up and moved to your new home efficiently. The cost depends largely on how much you have to move and how much involvement is required from the removalists, but you can generally expect to pay between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.


2. Organise house cleaning

When moving out of your old home, whether it’s a rental property or your own, it’s important to return the home to a clean state for the next occupants to move in. Opting for a professional cleaner to perform a thorough clean will free you up and remove a lot of the stress from your moving experience.

3. Setting up your new home

Setting up your new home takes time but to save yourself a bit of hassle, clearly label boxes and have your removalist company place your boxes in the desired areas of the house. This will allow you to quickly and easily locate your items and start unpacking.


4. Connect utilities and other services

Make sure that you coordinate to have utilities, such as gas, electricity and water, as well as your phone and internet, disconnected at your old home and turned on when you arrive at your new home. Some companies need a short notice, so plan accordingly.

5. Order new waste bins

When moving into your brand-new home, you’ll most likely have a lot of waste as you settle in. Before the move, remember to order new waste bins, and arrange for them to be at your home in time for your arrival.


6. Update mailing address

It’s important that you continue to receive your mail before, during and after the move. Prepare a list of companies you’ll need to update your address with, and begin changing your address over. If there’s a gap between moving out of your old home and into your new home, you may consider organising a hold on your current mail at the post office during this period.

7. Mail redirection

Forgot to update your address with someone? You can also arrange a redirection of your mail with your post office. This will ensure that any mail with your old address will be forwarded to the new location and will enable you to update your address with each person or company as you go.


8. Install window furnishings

Don’t forget the window furnishings! Set aside some time to look at window furnishings for your new home and plan to have them installed prior to moving in. This will ensure your privacy and comfort from the day you move in.

Moving homes can be a stressful time but tackling these eight things early on in the moving process will make it a lot easier. Everything will be worth it once you have settled into your new Achieve home!

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