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Benefits of Custom Building Your Home in Victoria

Benefits of Custom Building Your Home in Victoria

Posted on: 30th October, 2020

Last updated on November 20th, 2020 at 10:32 am

When building a custom home in Victoria, there are plenty of benefits to creating a home that ticks all your boxes as far as fixtures, features and design.

Whether you’re building a home for a young couple, family or retirees, there are a wide range of options for customising your home to provide the finest result and a home that meets all your expectations.


What is a custom build, and what aspects can be customised? 

A custom-built home is unique, a one of a kind creation that is designed to suit the specifications of both the client and the location or land in which the property is built.

As opposed to a spec home, which is usually a design owned by the building company and fairly rigid in design variations, a custom build allows for the owner to make decisions about a wide range of factors. Custom options for a home include floor plan, layout, fixtures, fittings and options that are best suited to the individual needs of the occupants.

Aspects that can be customed in a home include the following:

  • Floor plan and design
  • Use and layout of the build on the block of land
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Outdoor space and alfresco areas
  • Cabinetry and shelving
  • Appliances and lighting
  • Adding workrooms, offices, gym, playroom, media room or additional functional spaces
  • Suitability for sloping blocks, narrow blocks and hard to access sites

Generally speaking, whatever plans you have or ideas you might want to incorporate will be added into the design should the land, budget and space allow it. Architecturally designed custom homes are designed to meet the client’s exact needs and work to ensure a fully customizable experience for the owner.


Benefits for creating a custom-built home 

If you are considering building a custom home, you would more than likely be aware of the tremendous benefits including the ability to tailor the functionality, flow and styling of a property to your exact specifications.

Benefits of building a custom designed home include:

  • You have complete control over all aspects of the design

this is one factor that can be priceless in a new build with spec homes often not offering a great deal of variance and customization for home owners. Owners of custom-built homes can choose the fixtures, fittings, lighting, exterior features – the works!

  • Fully flexible building process

With spec homes or package homes that you are purchasing a builder’s design, you don’t have the ability to change design options as you wish. With this in mind, in a custom home, you are able to see your vision come to life and tweak the design and build aspects as the build emerges to suit your exact specifications.

  • Higher spec homes and custom homes often are more valuable

Unlike package homes, a custom home usually has higher specifications and fit-out, which means if you do sell or want to use the home to refinance, you will probably see the value increase at a faster pace. The uniqueness and quality

materials of a custom build speak volumes in valuations, and a home that is custom-built will usually appeal to investors and potential home owners alike.

If you’re interested in finding out more about designing and building a custom-built home, the friendly team from Achieve Homes are here to walk you through the process and provide essential information for a custom build home in Victoria.

If you’re ready to explore the idea of a custom home in Victoria, you’d like to understand the building process or you would just like to speak directly with a professional custom builder with extensive experience in the industry, get in touch with the friendly team from Achieve Homes today and arrange a complimentary consultation.  

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