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How To Plan Your New Home Maintenance Budget

How To Plan Your New Home Maintenance Budget

Posted on: 30th October, 2020

Last updated on December 10th, 2020 at 05:18 am

Budgeting for home maintenance is a great way to ensure you are keeping your home in great condition. Regularly attending to essential upkeep,  ongoing and regular maintenance helps to keep repairs and any issues under control. This will allow you to budget and plan ahead as smaller issues arise.

In this article, we step through some helpful ways to plan your new home maintenance budget. Also, the types of maintenance you may need to be aware of when buying a new home in Victoria.

Types of maintenance required for a new home 

When you purchase or build a new home, there are some necessary steps for planning your home maintenance, and you should ensure to check a range of elements to ensure your home is in good shape and you are spending your maintenance budget wisely.

Keep in mind, many of the maintenance outlined below can be carried out by the home owner, however, in the case of building works, repairs and checking electrical items such as air conditioning systems you should engage the services of a specialist that is licensed and insured to carry out maintenance and repair work when required.  

  • Check and clear exterior drainage and gutters

A regular check of the gutters and your drainage will ensure your drains are working well and there is no build-up in your drains that could cause issues down the track with flooding. Moisture and mould can also occur if your drainage and gutters are not functioning properly, so be sure to check that everything is working as it should and guttering is properly connected.

  • Inspect and review the exterior of your home

Having a good look at all the trimming on the outside or exterior of the property and taking note of any issues or noticeable damage can help to ensure that if you have an issue that needs repair, you can get to it without delay. Also keep a close eye on the condition of the exterior paint and any wood that is on the exterior of the home that could need maintenance on an ongoing basis.

  • Clean air conditioning filters

Something many home owners will forget when they move into a new home is clearing the filters and checking the air conditioning is running properly. A clean air conditioning unit will mean you are breathing in air that is protecting you and your family from pollutants and dust. 

  • Check and repair window screens

A regular check of the windows or screens will allow you to ensure your screens are in good working order. If you have a new home and you find that the screens are damaged. You might be able to get a service call or replacement if they are under warranty. 

  • Ensure any landscaping is a safe distance from power lines

Cutting back or trimming landscaping or trees on the property is a maintenance must, especially if you are close to powerlines. Keep track of your plants and if they get close to powerlines, cut them back, so you and your home are safe. 

  • Check for leaks in kitchen toilets and sinks

A small leak can turn into a massive plumbing issue over time, so be sure to check that your kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, laundry sinks and toilets are all free from leaks. If you do see something that looks like it needs attention, call in the experts and get it fixed before it becomes an issue. 

  • Review windows and walls

A quick check of your windows and walls to ensure they are sealed and in good condition is important on a regular basis. Walls or ceilings with mould can be an issue, and a window that is not properly sealed can mean moisture is getting in where it shouldn’t, and maintenance and repairs could be in order.


How to plan ahead for new home maintenance and keep within a budget 

For new home maintenance, there are some basic costs you can keep in mind. They may help you while you are factoring them into your household budget.

Preparing for the unexpected is one thing. However, you can work to a budget for household maintenance. So you have a plan in place should you need to draw on savings to carry out home maintenance.

Some maintenance is just some elbow grease and time. However,  other maintenance such as plumbing, electrical, roofing and even air conditioning repairs, you will need to pay an expert. This will ensure you are keeping your warranty and not voiding any insurance for your new home.

Things you might need to pay for when carrying out maintenance includes:

  • Roof repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Window repairs
  • Hot water heater repairs
  • Termite and pest control

Many people say budgeting one percent of your home’s purchase price per year for ongoing maintenance is a simple way to ensure you are able to budget and plan ahead. Some years your maintenance bill might be more or less, however, always having a couple of thousand available to you will allow for the unexpected.


Whether you’re buying a second home in Victoria or you want to ensure you are well prepared for your home maintenance budget, the team from Achieve Homes can help to work through and plan your home maintenance plans for your new home. Get in touch today to have a chat with our friendly team.

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