The Knockdown Rebuild Process Explained

The Knockdown Rebuild Process Explained

The Knockdown Rebuild Process Explained

Posted on: 23rd March, 2022

Found a block of land in an area you love with a rundown house? Perhaps you’ve simply outgrown your current house but can’t find a larger property in the area?

A knockdown rebuild may be the solution! This construction option is exactly what it sounds like – knocking down the original property and building something completely new in its place. There are multiple advantages to this type of residential construction – read on to find out if it could work for you.

Advantages of a knockdown rebuild


Starting new gives you the flexibility and control to create a completely custom design from scratch. It means you can create a brand-new floorplan, take advantage of your block and incorporate the latest space-saving and energy-efficient design features.

New foundations

It’s not uncommon for clients to start work on their new home, only to find that the foundations need replacing or there’s unforeseen structural damage. A knockdown rebuild allows you to eliminate all existing foundations and start afresh, ensuring the longevity of your home for years to come.

Cost efficiency

At first glance, it may sound like starting from scratch would be the more expensive option for a new home. However, a knockdown rebuild can often be more cost-effective than a renovation, as hidden problems can arise during the process, blowing out your budget. With a new home, there are no surprises, making it easier to control your spending and stay within budget.

The knockdown rebuild process

 Before embarking on a knockdown-rebuild project, it’s worth taking the time to understand the process.

1. Know what you’re working with

Your very first step should be to review title documents and check any regulations with your local council. There are certain legalities when it comes to demolishing and rebuilding your home, which may affect your plans.

It’s also worth finding out if the building you’re planning to knock down is subject to planning approval or any other factors like planning overlays, heritage considerations or allotment size.

2. Design

Now it’s the fun part! Browse through our selection of home designs or start from scratch with our affordable custom process, creating a home you’ll love for years to come, with design features that make everyday living easier.

We can walk you through the design phase, as well as the necessary site surveys and soil tests to ensure a smooth build. We’ll also use this time to identify any potential challenges, like site slope or access to services.

3. Contracts and selections

Next, you’ll be presented with a preliminary contract that outlines the project, with itemised costs based on our discussions so far. The next step is to choose your colours, fixtures and fittings with our design consultants and the option to visit our selections studio. We will include these in the final contract, along with the tender, contract drawings and test results. This level of detail should mean no nasty surprises down the line, with every element accounted for in the costing phase.

Once you’re happy with the building contract, we’ll both sign it and get to work!

4. Demolition

It’s time to bring in the wrecking ball! Our expert team will carefully demolish your existing property and clear the site for construction. We’ll recycle as many of the materials as possible – particularly if there are any original elements you’d like to bring into your new home. We’ll then prepare your site for your new home build, levelling where necessary and preparing the ground for the new foundations.

5. Construction

With a blank canvas, all that’s left is to let us bring your new home to life! Sit back and relax as our expert team of tradespeople and sub-contractors, led by an experienced site manager, bring your new home to life.


Still have questions? Download our ultimate guide to knockdown rebuild and discover everything you need to know about this type of build.

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