Tips for Child Proofing Your Home

Tips for Child Proofing Your Home

Tips for Child Proofing Your Home

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

Last updated on November 20th, 2020 at 10:52 am

Babies grow into toddlers in the blink of an eye. If you’ve got a little one, it’s probably time to start thinking about baby proofing your home. While many elements of your home seem harmless to you, they can prove to be a massive risk for small children.

Follow some of these steps to reduce the chance of your child being injured in avoidable circumstances.

Washing your baby in the sink or bath can be a slippery and hazardous task. A bump on the head as a baby can be potentially life threatening but can be easily avoided. Bath spout covers like the one pictured reduce the risk of harmful bumps and help make bath time more enjoyable.

Image via Amazon

Cupboards can be home to some very hazardous items such as chemicals and medications. Using cookie cutters,  help keep your kids safe and out of harm’s reach.

Image via Organize-It

Hot stoves and children don’t mix. Buy a baby proof oven door lock to keep them from burning themselves. You should also try to only use the back burns, ensure any pot handles are facing away from the bench and add covers to the knobs on gas burners, so the gas doesn’t get turned on while you aren’t watching.

Image via Toys R Us

There’s something about power points that make small children want to stick things in it; whether it be keys, coins, or their fingers. Avoid your child being electrocuted by using electrical outlet caps. They cost next to nothing and may save your child’s life.

Image via Toys R Us

Baby gates are usually used at the top or bottom of stairs to stop your baby from falling down them and becoming seriously injured. However, they can also be used in doorways to keep your child out of certain rooms or away from hazards such as fireplaces.

Image via Fox Family

The sharp corners of most things around your house tend to be at the exact height of your child’s head and eyes. Rubber corner covers reduce the risk of your child being hurt by the sharp edges of furniture or benches around the house.

Image via Ali Express

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