Why More People Are Choosing House & Land in Regional Areas

Why More People Are Choosing House & Land in Regional Areas

Why More People Are Choosing House & Land in Regional Areas

Posted on: 1st December, 2021

Traditionally, many workers have been tied to living in pricey inner-city accommodation due to the need to present in an office from Monday to Friday. But one of the more positive factors to arise from the last two years is that many of us have had the opportunity to re-evaluate our work-life balance. With the rise of working from home, it’s no longer essential to live within close proximity to a busy – and expensive – city.

Suddenly, country living feels like an achievable dream, and one that actually works in harmony with newly flexible working arrangements and our flexible home designs that you can truly make your own.

Aside from the fresh air and plenty of green space, there are numerous benefits to living regionally. Could you be ready to break up with the city? Read on to find out.

You get more for your money

In the inner city, you’ll pay a premium for real estate, land and building services. Your budget will go much further in the country, giving you the opportunity for more space and added features on your home that you may not previously have been able to afford. All of a sudden, the custom build of your dreams could become a reality.

A combined house and land package can take some of the stress out of the process, as your builder will have vetted the block of land prior to construction. This minimises the risk of any potential shocks when it comes to site costs to prepare the land for building.

It’s more affordable for first-time buyers

Those looking to buy their first property, often with a modest budget, are being priced out of many inner-city suburbs, with properties running into millions of dollars. Cost-sensitive buyers are finding regional areas more achievable. With many jobs moving increasingly online, the promise of an affordable property in a highly liveable area is a win-win, and worth the occasional longer commute.

Through our custom build service, we give you the freedom to create the perfect home you’ve always envisioned, no matter what stage of life you’re at. Find out more about building an affordable custom home with Achieve Homes.

It’s great for families

It’s no secret that kids love green open spaces and being amid nature. Regional destinations offer this in abundance – and with increased space comes the opportunity for a bigger home and garden (perhaps even with a swimming pool). With plenty of fresh air and natural spaces to explore right on the doorstep, you won’t be short of ways to keep little ones entertained at the weekends.

It offers the best of both worlds

Depending on where you choose to relocate to, rail and tram links in some destinations mean you can be in the CBD within a couple of hours. This means you can enjoy the peace of the countryside day to day, but dip your toe into the thrum of city life for a couple of days a week as necessary.

Faced with endless potential customising possibilities and having trouble deciding what type of homeowner you are? Learn more about what affordable custom could mean to you and how you can tailor our service to truly make your home your own.

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