• 22nd June, 2022

    The Ultimate Guide for Building on A Sloping Block

    So you’ve found your ideal block, in a suburb you love, within reach of fantastic amenities and well connected to other parts of the city. The issue? It’s a sloping block. While it presents its own set of unique challenges, building on a sloping block doesn’t need to be exceptionally complicated, or result in a…

  • 22nd June, 2022

    Going Green: Our Top Picks of Sustainable Building Materials

    Sustainability is now a major focus for residential builders in Australia, as both homeowners and builders look to decrease their carbon footprint in the construction, design, maintenance and operation of new homes. While some wins are clear, such as installing renewable energy sources or prioritising passive heating and cooling, a key area often overlooked is…

  • 27th May, 2022

    Why Interest Rate Rises Shouldn’t Scare You

    2022 has been full of significant events that have driven change in the personal and professional lives of most people. Of all the newsworthy items of late, perhaps none has felt more impactful on average Australian than interest rate rises. They’ve been a cause for concern among many, but it isn’t all bad news. Here’s…

  • 27th May, 2022

    Five Floor Plans For An Odd-Shaped Block

    Last updated on June 1st, 2022 at 01:49 amAn odd-shaped block doesn’t need to make building your dream home harder. In fact, there are plenty of floor plans out there for narrow, sloped, corner and non-traditional blocks, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your vision based on the land you have. At Achieve Homes, we…

  • 29th April, 2022

    Gas vs. Electric Homes: What you need to know

    There are two primary energy sources in any home: gas and electric. When building a new home, you will need to choose how you power your home: with a combination of both gas and electric or solely electricity. All-electric energy is becoming increasingly popular for sustainable homes, offering a little more versatility, lower costs and…

  • 29th April, 2022

    What’s included when I build new? 

    Before you sign any building contract, it’s essential to understand exactly what is included in a final hand over of your new home as per the contract. Managing these expectations early on will mean there are fewer surprises down the line, lowering the risk of budget blowout. As a custom builder with a transparent quoting…

  • 23rd March, 2022

    What’s Trending in Interior Design? Brought To You By Our Selections Studio

    Last updated on March 30th, 2022 at 04:11 amThe year 2022 is set to be a huge year for interior design. At Achieve Homes, we’re ready to take what we’ve learnt during two years of lockdown and apply it to creating modern homes that reflect new behaviours and lifestyles. Our Selections Studio team have highlighted…

  • 23rd March, 2022

    The Knockdown Rebuild Process Explained

    Found a block of land in an area you love with a rundown house? Perhaps you’ve simply outgrown your current house but can’t find a larger property in the area? A knockdown rebuild may be the solution! This construction option is exactly what it sounds like – knocking down the original property and building something…

  • 23rd February, 2022

    Where To Splurge and Save On A Custom Home

    A custom home is a huge financial investment that could easily spiral out of control without the right design and management. Establishing and following a budget early in the building process will ensure a successful project, while allowing you to design and build a home you will love for years to come. One of the…

  • 23rd February, 2022

    Should I build an all-electric home?

    The next step in sustainable home design is a shift towards all-electric homes, powered entirely by renewable energy. With electric heating, water and cooking all running off solar panels or the grid, you can create a fossil fuel-free home that also doesn’t break the bank. Thanks to technological developments, solar systems are becoming increasingly affordable…

  • 25th January, 2022

    Construction Trends In 2022

    Last updated on January 27th, 2022 at 04:21 amIn the construction industry, staying up to date with current trends and thinking about how they will evolve is crucial. You want to create homes that not only fulfil the needs of their owners, but also have long-term appeal for future buyers. I’ve seen all kinds of…

  • 24th January, 2022

    Building An Energy-efficient Home On A Budget

    Last updated on January 25th, 2022 at 04:33 amSustainability doesn’t need to be an expensive element of your new home–  in fact, with some pre-planning and intelligent design, it’s possible to build an energy-efficient home that’s affordable. Here are our top tips on how to introduce sustainable elements into your home design without breaking the…

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