How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

Posted on: 5th October, 2022

It’s well known that no room knows you like your bathroom! It’s a place to skip into when preparing for a special occasion or retreat to when you’re seeking peace and quiet. And whatever your mood, there’s nothing like being surrounded by luxury. So with the breadth of requirements to suit all moods, it’s no surprise a great bathroom requires excellent planning.

We’ve put together a list of things for you to design your very own luxury bathroom where you’ll love to be, whatever the moment.

Let the Light in

There’s something special about natural light in a bathroom. For a morning start up shower or an evening bathtub soak, natural light signals to your body’s circadian rhythm. Frosted glass on windows is great for privacy, and if there are no external bathroom walls, a skylight is a wonderful option to illuminate your space naturally.

Create The Illusion of Space

Spacious rooms exude luxury, and even if your bathroom is small, you can still maximise the feeling of space.

Floating vanities allow the eye to see more floor space, creating a larger visual area. French doors that open outwards provide a grand entrance and sliding barn doors and pocket doors practically require no room at all.

Add in oversized mirrors to allow light to play in the space and increase the light to illuminate any darker corners.

Storage For Everything

A place for everything allows everything to be in place! From hairdryers to shavers to cosmetics and cleaning products – there is a lot to fit into a bathroom.

Vanities with drawers and doors provide flexible storage solutions, and open shelving allows you to display luxury perfumes and ornaments. Recessed shower shelves are practical and beautiful, and adding a cupboard behind the mirror over your twin basins (more on this to come!) are clever and chic.

Twin Basins

There’s something decadent about having a basin all to yourself! Twin basins add the luxe factor by creating a feeling of space especially for you. And they’re practical too – when it’s time to get ready for work and school, no one needs to wait to brush teeth, so there’s no excuse to be late!

Heated Towel Rails

Luxury can be practical too, and on chilly mornings, there’s nothing like a warm towel to snuggle into! Heated towel rails are great for keeping dampness at bay too, keeping bathroom air fresh and clean.

With many options to choose from, you can tailor the heated towel rail to the space that’s most practical in your bathroom.

Awesome Tapware

Like shoes finish an outfit, taps maketh the bathroom! And there are incredible options – mixers, sensors, thermostats: if you can think of it, there’s a tap for it! Opt for traditional or go all out modern to suit the mood you wish to set in the room that knows you best.

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