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At Achieve Homes we don’t tie you to a standard set of colours.

Our Selections Studio allows you to customise the internal and external colours of your home, and make it uniquely yours.

Browse our extensive range of colour samples, experiment with different combinations and achieve the exact look you desire. We offer a range of colour selections for your home.

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Interior Inspirations

Bring your new home to life and find your unique style with Achieve Homes. From functional and minimalistic, to rustic and homely, you can find inspiration for every room in your new home with our Interior Inspirations. Identifying your style will help you decide on the right additions for your dream home – browse through the styles below to find one that you love!

Art Deco

First appearing in France just before World War I, Art Deco is a pastiche of many different styles. A movement best known for its luxuriousness, with accents of gold and brass and deep moody hues like peacock green, navy blue and burgundy.

Don’t hold back with texture and pattern either! Velvet is a must for focal furniture pieces like armchairs or bedheads, and patterns should be applied liberally to walls, or rugs and cushions, to create an overall extravagance.


Bring the beach home with wooden floorboards and furniture, sheer sweeping curtains, wicker accessories, and round mirrors and table toppers.

Coastal style is all about laid-back living, so if you feel inclined to have soft armchairs instead of a sofa in your living room, go right ahead. Whitewash your walls to achieve that airy feel and keep your furniture and collectables in organic materials like bamboo, linen, and greenery.

French Provincial

Channel the city of love with cabriole-legged chairs, lounges and furniture. Rustic textures, like woven rugs and linen furniture, add that provincial opulence to your home, particularly in shades of creamy whites, dove greys, duck egg blue and soft green.

Add a French farmhouse touch with brass kitchenware and unstructured floral arrangements that look as though they have just been freshly picked.


The Hamptons style embraces leisure, comfort and nostalgic summers. Bring that fresh, airy feel of the Hamptons to your home down under with plump cushions, greenery, and a book at every turn to lay about and read.

Take inspiration from a relaxed coastal atmosphere and luxury homes designed for entertaining with generous sofas, island benches, and crisp whites, muted blues and earthy timber accents.


This revolutionary style celebrates the building features that are normally concealed. Industrial design is about curating pieces that are as much about function as they are style, by celebrating the utilitarian objects, wood, metal, and neutral tones.

Create a warehouse look with stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures and vintage furniture. This purposely ‘unfinished’ look works especially well with high ceilings and exposed brick.


Characterised by smooth leather, plush carpets and rugs, an abundance of timber and pops of colour. Think burnt orange, mustard yellow and deep teal, sitting alongside clean, geometric furniture and decor.

Keep the mid-century vibes going across the walls by opting for abstract prints from key art and design movements of the era, such as Cubism, De Stijl and Bauhaus. House your record collection on an open shelf and chill out to your tunes in a leather armchair.


Modern home styling is steering towards clean lines, natural lighting and minimalist decor; creating a sense of peacefulness in each area of the home.

Think crisp white hues juxtaposed with light timber, simple furniture, and small pops of dark contrasting tones woven through bathroom and kitchen finishings, vases and framed artwork. The key to this look is to pare it right back and create a sense of calm.

Modern Country

Bring the farmhouse to the city with this beautiful and cozy decorating style. Modern country uses rustic, minty greens and dusty blues with splashes of deep navy and earthy browns to create a homely feel.

Make your kitchen the centre point of your home for eating and entertaining with open shelving, hanging pots and utensils, and colonial accents. And don’t forget the most important aspect of all: timber, everywhere.


Why escape to a resort when you can create your very own private oasis at home? Blend the outdoors and indoors seamlessly with expansive floor to ceiling doors, large decks and perfectly positioned palm trees.

Keep furnishings light and bright, add some internal and external lighting along fences, hallways and up trees, and plenty of spaces to sprawl out with a book. Oh, and don’t forget the hammock!


Simplicity is the key when harking back to days of old. Create a story in your space when incorporating a vintage look by purchasing antique furniture and key accessories from decades past, such as clocks, framed artwork, ashtrays, suitcases, chests and globes.

Velvet sofas, timber sideboards, patterned tiles, eclectic decor and dark accents bridge styles past and present.

These interior designs are for inspiration purposes only. Achieve Homes may not be able to offer the same products as what is pictured due to suppliers’ range and availability.

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  • At Achieve Homes we don’t tie you to a standard set of colours. Our Selections Studio allows you to customise the internal and external colours of your home, and make it uniquely yours.

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