Should I build an all-electric home?

Should I build an all-electric home?

Should I build an all-electric home?

Posted on: 23rd February, 2022

The next step in sustainable home design is a shift towards all-electric homes, powered entirely by renewable energy. With electric heating, water and cooking all running off solar panels or the grid, you can create a fossil fuel-free home that also doesn’t break the bank.

Thanks to technological developments, solar systems are becoming increasingly affordable and electric appliances increasingly efficient, making an all-electric home achievable for many clients looking to build more sustainably. It also happens to be a safer option, as electric appliances don’t carry the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Not convinced yet? Let’s dive a little deeper. Any new home has three main energy sources that can be powered by electricity or gas: heating, hot water and cooking.

While many associate air conditioning with keeping cool over summer, they are actually incredibly efficient for heating your home as well. As an air-source heat pump, it uses a refrigerant cycle to capture the heat from the sun, converting this as required. Since it’s capturing a freely available resource, it isn’t very expensive to run. In fact, studies by the University of Melbourne found that a large Melbourne home could save $658 a year by heating interiors with a reverse-cycle air conditioning, instead of traditional ducted gas. What’s more, this technology filters the air, instead of potentially introducing dangerous gases into your home.

When it comes to hot water, an all-electric home can benefit from a heat-pump hot water system, powered by solar PV. Most new systems have a timer that allows you to control when water needs to be heated, so if you choose to install solar panels, you can heat your water during the day when solar electricity is being generated.

Finally, by choosing the right appliances, you can make your kitchen completely gas free. Opt for an electric oven and modern electric induction cooktop, which are easy to clean, look great, and are safer to cook with, as there is no open flame. One downside is that induction cooktops require cookware that responds to a magnetic field – as such, aluminium, ceramic and some stainless steel pots and pans won’t work.

On a more general note, by opting for an all-electric home, you’ll avoid paying any upfront costs of connecting to gas and running gas plumbing through your home, as well as any annual gas usage or connection costs.

With all of this in mind, building an all-electric home will lower your ongoing living costs, offer a safer environment for you and your family and allow you to live in a fossil fuel-free home. It’s no wonder so many homeowners are opting for this solution in 2022.

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