The Perfect Balance – Mixing old and new!

In the midst of a modern furniture frenzy where trends travel so fast, it’s rightful to splurge on a few key items and keep those with sentimental value.

When considering a knockdown rebuild, it helps to know where to draw the line between old and new.

First things first, your block is set among an old and beautiful established suburb, but your house will be sparkling brand new.

There’s a vast array of styles, to suit both your modern home while complementing your older suburb.

On one hand, these items can be bought decades ago as investment pieces or inherited from previous generations. And on the other, modern upholstery stores are turning to vintage-look furnishings to tie into people’s home styling.

The demand for vintage, refurbished and rusty wares is growing (though don’t get this mixed with damaged goods). Hunt for timeless trends to add a touch of chic to your homes new-found modernity.  Implementing this unique flair into your new home means you can re-use existing pieces which are in good-knick and head to the stores for some bargains!

Remember, just because you’ve crossed over to modern-style living, doesn’t mean you can’t fill an idle afternoon reading a book on an old-style armchair.

Have a look below at some key items to help make your new and old worlds collide.


A bit of greenery can bring any old buffet back to life.

Image via Simplyfutbol 



Any aged oak, teak, rosewood, or walnut woods pair well with light greys and light modern wooden floor boards.

Image via House & Home



A vintage desk placed near a bright window with modern seating and décor will create the most inviting study space.

Image via Design Market 



Even the most basic of bookshelves can be re-used in a modern environment. Don’t just fill them with books, add some modern trinkets for a splash of colour.


Image via New York Times


Fresh, stark sheets, a modern-day rug and some decorative throw pillows will make an outdated bed look new again.

Image via Dream Decor 



The classic brown leather armchair can be re-worked into any modern home. Whether it be shades of brown or tan, even the most rugged of styles will become a focal point of the room.

Image by Sophia Timothy for Apartment Therapy.



Whether you are reusing your old side table or purchasing a vintage look-alike, a bedside table is a simple way of balancing some old in a new room.

Image via The Every Girl

Welcome Ultra Violet into your home

A new year is dawning, and with it, a bold and regal colour will reign supreme.

The 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced, and she’s no shrinking violet.

Ultra Violet is set to make a splash across film, television, design and fashion.

When it comes to interiors, Ultra Violet can appear as a subtle touch or a serious statement. Historically, the purple family represents power, royalty and wealth. It is a complex and contemplative colour, known to foster imagination and originality.

Here we take you through just some of the ways you can bring this colour to your home.

Living Rooms

For the bold, Ultra Violet can dominate a colour scheme room. This shade of luxury and ‘wow-factor’ can star on walls and floors, as well as furniture and curtains or blinds. The result shows self-assurance and suggests creative expression.

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Image via Archiproducts

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Show your sofa-istication, by creating a focal point with a sofa or armchair. It is also a great way to dip your toes into the edgy Ultra Violet pool. A purple couch is bold and inviting, which is just what you want in your living room. Bear in mind, you don’t have to go big to get the look – just one piece of furniture can set the room off and re-energise an entire space.

Ultra Violet is a statement, but it’s surprisingly easy to pair with other tones, like whites, greys, woods and neutrals which may already be present in your home. Another bonus of this trendsetter, is that dark fabrics don’t show wear and tear as easily as lighter shades – winner.

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Feature Walls

For the committed amongst us, renew a room and indulge in an artistic renaissance with an Ultra Violet tin of paint or two. Painting an entire wall the one colour (including shelves and even furniture resting on it) makes a bold and stylish statement. However, a feature wall or even a ceiling coat is another good way to stand out.

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Image via Luxury London

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Ultra Violet is a moody colour, it’s deep and bold and may make some interior decorators flinch in fear at first.  But shelve that anxiety, it can be brought in with baby steps, adding stylistic punch with little cost and effort. It may be a splash of colour in a vase, some bright throw pillows or a blanket, some new lamps or even kitchenware – experimenting with colour and freshening your abode needn’t be a time consuming or costly task.

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Image via Archiproducts

Ultra Violet colour palettes available from Pantone

Wanting more? Pantone has created eight fabulous colour palettes featuring Ultra Violet to ensure stellar success in any interior setting. Every colour base is accounted for here; brights, deeper hues, pastels, mid-tones, and metallics. For those ready to embrace the coming deluge of luxurious tones, it’s a must-see. Let your creative juices flow and make a colourful mark on your world. See more here.

Interior Design 101 with Anastasia from Achieve

Arguably the most exciting part of building your dream home is envisaging the end product, waking up in your pristine bedroom, cooking dinner in your new kitchen, relaxing in front of the TV.

What you might not have thought about is how design choices will influence the way you feel in your home, and what you can do to make it feel “right” from the moment you step inside.

Anastasia, Achieve Homes’ Selection Coordinator, is our go-to for all things interior design and colour selection and provides expert advice to our proud house-owners. Here’s her top tips for helping you make your home truly yours, reflective of your personality and lifestyle.

Quality over quantity

It’s an ethos that can be applied to almost every element of your life – less is always more. Invest in the best quality furnishings, furniture and art that you can, and purge yourself of meaningless tchotchkes and trinkets that you’ve accumulated over the years. Moving into your new home is a perfect opportunity to declutter and remove those unnecessary and unused items that will just bring chaos to your space.

Form follows function

If ‘quality over quantity’ is the golden rule of design, then ‘form follows function’ is the silver rule. Having a pretty space should come secondary to making sure your home suits your lifestyle and the way you live in your space. Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms – these will be the most used public spaces in your home. While they’re the “workhorse” rooms, they should also have the “wow” factor – after all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. Make sure they are built to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Create a blank canvas that will grow with you

A neutral palette used throughout your home is an ideal way to ensure your home can adapt to your changing tastes and preferences over the years. Adding pops of colour is achieved with loose items like decorations, furniture and homewares – think a bright artwork in your living room, or rich coloured bedlinen adorning your bed. These items are cost effective ways to change and mix up the mood in your home when your tastes change.

Make your home your own

The devil is in the detail and these details are what will make your home feel like your sanctuary. Bring the outdoors in and add life to your home with indoors plants – they’ll add tranquillity, colour, and life into a space. Introduce items that allow you to inject your personality into your home.

Creating a flexible home will enable you to adjust your lifestyle over the coming years. By following these tips, your home will be truly “yours” for years to come. Get in contact with the team at Achieve Homes or visit our colour selections studio in Fyshwick to see how Achieve can bring your vision to life.

Get The Best Sales Price For Your Home


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to build a new home. For some of you, that might even mean having to prepare your current home for sale – a huge task to say the least. So, we spoke to Own It Finance to find out how you can get the best possible price for your property. Here’s what they had to say:

Presenting your home in the best possible manner can have a big influence on the valuation process when selling your home. The same goes for presenting your house to a prospective buyer. If your home looks like it hasn’t been cared for properly, then chances are, you’re not going to get a very good sales price. However, if your home looks like it’s ready for a photoshoot, then you’re likely to get a great price at sale! In fact, there are 3 main price points for any property, which are outlined below:

Heart Price:

  • Your home is picture perfect and ready for the cover of a magazine
  • Your home has everything that the buyers and valuers are looking for
  • Similar competing properties lack the presentation that yours has

Average Price:

  • Your house looks average from the street, and does not stand out from the rest
  • Your gardens are mostly tidy but clearly unloved
  • The interior is untidy and appears ‘lived in’

Fire Sale Price:

  • The gardens are overgrown and show no signs of maintenance
  • There is mess throughout the house and the bathrooms and kitchens have not been cleaned thoroughly
  • The house is dark, dusty and does not smell inviting

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a simple checklist to help you prepare your house for open homes and valuations, to hopefully help you get the highest possible valuation and sales price:

  • Ensure all gardens, exteriors, and outdoor entertaining areas are maintained and presentable. It’s amazing what a freshly mown lawn, some weeding and a few trimmed bushes can do to the look of your home.
  • The front door is a visitors’ first point of contact with your home, so ensure it looks as presentable as possible. Remove any lingering shoes, sweep the floor and don’t forget to refresh your welcome mat.
  • Maximise all natural light. Natural light is known to make people feel happier and will also open up your home. If you have time, clean windows and light fittings, and leave lights on in dark areas of your home.
  • If it’s a very hot day, be sure to turn your air conditioner on, or open doors and windows so that the house feels cool and airy. Alternatively, if it’s a cold day, be sure to turn the heater on or get the fireplace raring so that the house feels warm and cosy.
  • Tidy up! There’s nothing more repelling than a home that’s messy and cluttered. Store all your clutter in cupboard and boxes, ensuring it is out of site. Clear all clutter from the bathroom, put bottles and creams in drawers and only have matching towels and fresh hand soap on display. Keep your kitchen benches as clean as possible with only fresh fruit and maybe a kettle out. It is also crucial that you remove any dirty tea towels or floor mats.
  • Ensure each room is as presentable as possible. Some new bed-linen in the bedrooms and cushions or a throw rug on the couch can help to modernise and freshen up any room.
  • When a valuer enters your home, you want them to feel as welcome as possible. It’s always good to offer them something to drink and eat. You don’t want any “hangry” valuers determining the value of your home.
  • Do your research! Find out the sales prices of similar properties to yours in your area and present the results to valuers and prospective buyers.

Whilst this list doesn’t guarantee a high price for your property, it will certainly help to improve how valuers or prospective buyers perceive the value of your home. As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to increase your house’s price. The most basic improvements usually have the highest return.

Good luck!