How Long does a Knockdown Rebuild Take?

Whether you are expanding your home to make space for your growing family, or your house is just outdated and in dire need of a refresh and remodel, starting new could be the perfect solution.

A knock down and rebuild can seem daunting and scary but being fully prepared to take on what you will be encountering along the way will help you stay calm and collected throughout the entire process.

The first question many first-time home buyers and renovators ask is, ‘how long does a knockdown rebuild take?’.

The short answer is 8-12 months. But there’s a lot more that goes into that rough timeline then you would think. Several factors can affect the duration of the project, so it is beneficial to be aware of potential problems that could arise and set back construction.

The design of your new home

The design and size of your home have a huge impact on how long your project will take. For example, if you are planning to build a single-storey home with limited customisations it will take much less time to construct then a two-storey home with a very complex set of plans and design alterations.

Choosing a volume builder could potentially speed up the process as well. This is because volume builders typically devise plans based off of set stages of construction, making the whole process move along a little bit quicker. Custom builders give you the flexibility to make design decisions yourself and finetune features of the new build, leading to a lengthier planning and overall construction process.

While the complexity of your newly designed home greatly impacts the time it will take to build, there are also unforeseen and sometimes unavoidable circumstances that can set back your timeline for completion tremendously. Consider working with a company like Achieve Homes to help you stay on track with design blueprints available and customisation options through their home design packages. 

Potential disruptions out of your control

Like any construction project, delays are inevitable but at the same time, extremely frustrating. Some common mishaps during the rebuilding phase of your home include:

  • -Change in contractors or management
  • -Inclement weather conditions
  • -Land or soil issues
  • -Design change
  • -Financial delays
  • -Power and plumbing connectivity
  • -Project complexity
  • -Inefficient materials and equipment
  • While some holdups are unavoidable, picking a trustworthy contractor with experience goes a long way. While it may require a bigger budget, choosing someone who knows what they’re doing will likely keep your project on track.

Acquiring a permit

If you require planning approval before you can start building, this could cause potential delays. Typically, councils have a requirement to decide on planning permits within 60 days. However, it often takes much more time for a planning permit application to be approved. The average wait time for building and works applications to be authorised is closer to 210 days.

With that being said, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to acquire the correct permits before starting the demolition of your current home. Because permits can be expensive and time consuming, this will likely be the first step of the rebuild process for you. Some rebuilds may not require a permit at all. This is something your contractor should be able to confirm for you rather quickly.

Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you throughout the process.

Which is Cheaper, Renovating Your Home or Knocking Down and Rebuilding?

Deciding between renovating your current home or knocking it down and rebuilding all together is a big decision. While renovating may seem less intimidating, it can actually end up costing more money and time than knocking down and starting fresh.

Doing your research, talking to different builders and getting a general idea of what’s best for not only your home, but also your family is very important. If you are weighing your options, consider getting plans done to help you formulate a better idea of what each option would entail. It’s difficult to say definitively which is cheaper, considering the cost largely depends on what kind of work you are looking to get done.

Before deciding on rebuilding or renovating, do the following to better assess your options:

Compare the costs

Firstly, you should evaluate what you are willing to spend. If you are planning a renovation with extensive structural changes or one that involves many different rooms of your home, you may want to consider starting from scratch.

Depending on the builders you choose, a brand new single-storey home can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000 to build. Generally speaking, a full house renovation could run you almost double. Obviously, if you are looking to just remodel the kitchen and bathrooms, then a reno may be less costly than knocking down your entire house.

Consider your home and block

It’s important to consider the structure as well as the history of your home. If your house is on its last legs and will likely require structural changes to be made during the renovation process, it may end up costing you far more money to make these changes than to rebuild new.

However, if your home is a character building with rustic timber floors and detailed crown mouldings, you may want to consider a renovation instead to ensure none of that historic charm is lost. It may end up costing more but preserving a heritage home can yield breathtaking results and returns on investment.

Before making a decision, you will also want to evaluate the block your house is situated on and the neighbourhood you live in. It is much easier to build a new home on land that is flat than land that slopes down or is uneven. Each council also has planning laws that differ slightly, such as bushfire zones and heritage overlays, that may affect the changes you can legally make to your home. Find out what these are before you choose to rebuild or renovate as they could change your decision.

Evaluate your commitment

Making changes to your home, big or small, require a large amount of patience. Understanding where you and your family stand on the matter is important and is definitely a decision you must make together. Working full-time or raising a family can be challenging with builders in and out of the house for long periods of time. This is something you must consider before committing to a renovation.

If you plan to knock down and rebuild, you will likely need to find alternative accommodations during this time. Depending on the size of the renovation, temporary relocation may also be required. This is a costly consideration you must also make.

At Achieve Homes, we take the stress out of knocking down and rebuilding. Talk to us and learn more about how we can help you build through our efficient quote and build service

Why do Australians love knockdown rebuilds?

Over the past decade, Australia has seen a real surge in the amount of homeowners who invest time and money into knockdown rebuilds.

In fact, according to the Housing Industry of Australia, nearly a third of all new detached homes are the product of a knockdown rebuild. Proving to be a more cost effective method of changing your home than an addition or makeover, Achieve Homes now offers knockdown rebuilds.

So what makes an Achieve Homes’ knockdown rebuild so popular?


You’ve got your kids settled in an area they love, with access to schools and amenities. You love the benefits of living in an established suburb, laced with history and community. Why let your run down house force you to leave all this behind?  A knockdown rebuild lets you update the style of your property to cater to your needs and tastes.

Changing needs

Downsizing? Have your home designed to meet all your storage and lifestyle needs. Many empty nesters see the knockdown rebuild option as an opportunity to stay in the community they’ve become a part of by having their dream home built on their land.

Or perhaps your family growing? Create the extra room and living areas with a functional and modern design from a more cost-effective method than simply tacking a room on the end.

An investment

Increase the value of the property by creating a stylish and comfortable home. For those who have found the perfect block with a less than perfect house on it, then the knockdown rebuild is what you’re after. Achieve Homes offers pre-designed custom build homes, created by expert consultants. Alternatively, if you’ve got a bespoke design in mind and want to bring it to life, Achieve Homes is here to make it a reality.

If you’re thinking knockdown rebuild, get in contact with Achieve Homes today. We’re here to discuss your needs.

Knockdown Rebuild: What’s the Process?

The process of a knockdown rebuild can be complex and complicated.

You’ve got your ideas, you’ve got your budget, you’ve got your passion – but who can help put that plan into action? Who’s responsible for demolition, for contracting workers, for architecturally designing your dream home?

The answer is very close to home – Achieve Homes.

At Achieve we take care of your home from go to whoa. We’ll begin by taking care of the demolition of your existing house, and from there we’re straight into site set up and preparation. We’re there to complete your contour survey and soil classification reports. And your design & building approvals and demolishing approvals are all taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and start planning how you’re going to spend your days in your new Achieve Home.

And we take care of things you might not have thought about – asbestos reports, disconnection and reconnection of services, and all the required approvals. Important things that could prove time consuming and costly in the long run.

We’re here to take care of everything. No matter if you’re completely unsure what design you want through to picturing entirely what your custom build will look like, you can find what you’re after with us.

Get in contact with Achieve Homes today or find out more information on knockdown rebuilds and and start getting your plans under way.

Who Chooses A Knock Down Rebuild?

Who chooses a Knock Down Rebuild?

We’ve already established that knock down rebuilds are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, but you may be wondering who chooses to go through the exciting process of demolition and building a dream home when you’ve outgrown your current space?

If any of these sound like you, a knock down rebuild might be perfect option.

The “tricky site” home owners

Perhaps you’ve got a large tree that’s been planted years ago whose roots are now causing havoc on your plumbing, or maybe you’re set up on a sloping block that has to meet specific building guidelines? Knock down rebuilds are a great opportunity to have a home built to your blocks specifications, without having to compromise on constructing a contemporary home with all the features you’re looking for.

The “changing needs” household

No matter if your family is growing, or if your children are “flying the nest”, it might be time to consider what you want your home to look like moving into the future. A new home in a spot that you love can be the perfect change to support your lifestyle and the memories you plan on making there. You may want a contemporary designed home that’s energy efficient, alfresco dining areas for those warm summer eves or bigger living areas for celebrating your families achievements – it really is up to you!

The “renovations seem too risky” decision maker

Renovations are notorious for running over time, over budget and bringing a whole lot of extra stress to your life. Many renovations are priced relying on the “bones” of the house being in great working order – unfortunately, too often, this is just not the case. Remove the risk of hidden costs by starting from scratch and avoid having your budgets blowout. Save money, save time and save yourself a whole lot stress by investing in a knock down rebuild.

The “I know what I like, but I haven’t been able to find it” house

Want loads of storage, after specific features and finishings, or have you gotten as far as having plans drawn up? Instead of spending days, months – even years! – searching high and low for your dream home in Canberra and surrounds, Achieve Homes would love to discuss with you how to bring your vision to life. We’re experienced in building quality homes, designed to your specifications, within an agreed upon time frame and budget.

The “we love our neighbourhood, but not our house” family

Minimising family disruption can be a key factor in choosing to knock down rebuild. Canberra residents are known to be fiercely loyal to their suburbs, and by staying in your neighbourhood, there’s no need to change schools, alter schedules around getting to work or re-establish the family in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Stay close to family and friends in a location you love and build the house you love to match!

Knockdown and Rebuild Costs in Canberra

Achieve Homes are a group of leading specialists in knock down rebuilds across VIC, NSW and ACT. We take pride in helping our customers build the home they have always wanted, where they want it. We offer a wide range of home and land packages but growingly we are seeing new families take a further step and commit to building their very own homes.

For many, the prospect of knocking down an old structure and freeing the space to create their own dream home is something that offers a remarkable level of freedom. The implicit costs and time investment of building your own home is something that pales in comparison to the 

Knockdown and Rebuild Costs in Melbourne

Melbourne is a ready site for knockdown rebuilds. With slews of properties in up-and-coming areas primed for growth, there are plenty of opportunities open for individuals, investors and families looking to build their very own brand-new home.

Achieve Homes are the award-winning organisation helping families and investors build their very own homes in and around Melbourne and we are excited to see what we can do for our customers in the coming months and years ahead. We have opened a number of display home locations throughout Melbourne that are perfect for those looking to get a better picture for what we can make possible for them.

Make a knock down rebuild easy with the help of Achieve Homes

Achieve Homes are the new home building specialists perfectly equipped to help individuals, investors and families alike plan and build their very own new home. For those who have fallen in love with the area and community that they are already living in, knocking down the home you have lived in gives you the perfect opportunity to build the home you’ve always wanted, exactly where you want it.

Get in contact with us today to find out what we can make possible for you! 

So You’ve Bought a Mr Fluffy Block…

By now you’ve probably heard of Mr Fluffy. But, if on the off chance you haven’t, here’s the deal – a small business decision to improve Canberra’s energy performance in the 1960’s and 70’s lead to over 1000 established homes having residual loose asbestos, known as Mr Fluffy’s. Of course, we all know that exposure to asbestos can lead to significant health problems.

The ACT Government offered to buy back to those affected and the remediated blocks have been sold to the public. This has resulted in a unique opportunity for Canberra homebuyers to purchase these now vacant lands (known as ‘Mr Fluffy’ blocks) in established suburbs.

If you have purchased, or are considering purchasing a Mr Fluffy block, then you might want to get in touch with us! We can take care of all your Mr Fluffy block needs to ensure that your block is not only safe and free of asbestos, but that you can build your dream home on top of it. This includes:

  • Conducting asbestos reports
  • Disconnection and reconnection of services
  • Obtaining required approvals for design, building and demolishing
  • Demolishing existing home (if required)
  • Site set up and preparation
  • Contour surveying
  • Soil classification reporting

At Achieve Homes, we want to make the process of building on a Mr Fluffy block as seamless and easy as possible. Contact our team today!

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