How Long does a Knockdown Rebuild Take?

Whether you are expanding your home to make space for your growing family, or your house is just outdated and in dire need of a refresh and remodel, starting new could be the perfect solution.

A knock down and rebuild can seem daunting and scary but being fully prepared to take on what you will be encountering along the way will help you stay calm and collected throughout the entire process.

The first question many first-time home buyers and renovators ask is, ‘how long does a knockdown rebuild take?’.

The short answer is 8-12 months. But there’s a lot more that goes into that rough timeline then you would think. Several factors can affect the duration of the project, so it is beneficial to be aware of potential problems that could arise and set back construction.

The design of your new home

The design and size of your home have a huge impact on how long your project will take. For example, if you are planning to build a single-storey home with limited customisations it will take much less time to construct then a two-storey home with a very complex set of plans and design alterations.

Choosing a volume builder could potentially speed up the process as well. This is because volume builders typically devise plans based off of set stages of construction, making the whole process move along a little bit quicker. Custom builders give you the flexibility to make design decisions yourself and finetune features of the new build, leading to a lengthier planning and overall construction process.

While the complexity of your newly designed home greatly impacts the time it will take to build, there are also unforeseen and sometimes unavoidable circumstances that can set back your timeline for completion tremendously. Consider working with a company like Achieve Homes to help you stay on track with design blueprints available and customisation options through their home design packages. 

Potential disruptions out of your control

Like any construction project, delays are inevitable but at the same time, extremely frustrating. Some common mishaps during the rebuilding phase of your home include:

  • -Change in contractors or management
  • -Inclement weather conditions
  • -Land or soil issues
  • -Design change
  • -Financial delays
  • -Power and plumbing connectivity
  • -Project complexity
  • -Inefficient materials and equipment
  • While some holdups are unavoidable, picking a trustworthy contractor with experience goes a long way. While it may require a bigger budget, choosing someone who knows what they’re doing will likely keep your project on track.

Acquiring a permit

If you require planning approval before you can start building, this could cause potential delays. Typically, councils have a requirement to decide on planning permits within 60 days. However, it often takes much more time for a planning permit application to be approved. The average wait time for building and works applications to be authorised is closer to 210 days.

With that being said, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to acquire the correct permits before starting the demolition of your current home. Because permits can be expensive and time consuming, this will likely be the first step of the rebuild process for you. Some rebuilds may not require a permit at all. This is something your contractor should be able to confirm for you rather quickly.

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Knockdown Rebuild: What’s the Process?

The process of a knockdown rebuild can be complex and complicated.

You’ve got your ideas, you’ve got your budget, you’ve got your passion – but who can help put that plan into action? Who’s responsible for demolition, for contracting workers, for architecturally designing your dream home?

The answer is very close to home – Achieve Homes.

At Achieve we take care of your home from go to whoa. We’ll begin by taking care of the demolition of your existing house, and from there we’re straight into site set up and preparation. We’re there to complete your contour survey and soil classification reports. And your design & building approvals and demolishing approvals are all taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and start planning how you’re going to spend your days in your new Achieve Home.

And we take care of things you might not have thought about – asbestos reports, disconnection and reconnection of services, and all the required approvals. Important things that could prove time consuming and costly in the long run.

We’re here to take care of everything. No matter if you’re completely unsure what design you want through to picturing entirely what your custom build will look like, you can find what you’re after with us.

Get in contact with Achieve Homes today or find out more information on knockdown rebuilds and and start getting your plans under way.