Knockdown Rebuild: The Solution to Your Family Home in Melbourne

Knockdown and rebuild, as it is becoming increasingly popular, allows you or anyone to design a new home by bringing down an already existing structure, to design it to your taste while staying in the area you love, suiting your lifestyle and saving you the stress of relocation. Making a decision for a knockdown and rebuild isn’t an easy choice to make, but making this choice gives you control over where and how you live, and allows you to update your home design according to your tastes. The cost of a knockdown and rebuild is also far cheaper in contrast to a decided relocation, as it minimises the need to basically start from scratch. With the help of a knockdown and rebuild specialist, you can build your family home in Melbourne.

Growing families face several issues, a common one being the increasing lack of space, as the number of family members increase. As younger children grow older, they may require their own rooms, relatives may move in and require their own space as well. In order to accommodate for this, additional rooms need to be added and common living spaces need to be expanded. Knockdown rebuild is a fantastic way to combat this issue.

The ability for a family to finance their new home is always a potential concern, particularly for a growing family. The availability of money might prove to be a difficulty for most growing families, considering an increased budget is needed to improve or maintain the standard of living as their family increases in size. Often times, relocation is too troublesome as families who have already grown to love their neighbourhood may find it difficult to readjust to a new location. On top of that, a suburb that could accommodate to a growing family home may be more expensive in comparison to the family’s present suburb.

The desire to stay in their present location is a common factor of families who do not wish to relocate. Among the reasons for their desire to stay, is the neighbourhood and community that they have grown to love, nearby schools and the quality of education provided in that area, distance to work or job opportunities, facilities and amenities and more. It can even be purely driven by the emotional attachment that one may have to their present home.

Knockdown rebuild is a fantastic way to stay in your neighbourhood while enjoying the increased space, updated fixtures, floorplan and design, all while staying under budget. As knockdown rebuild specialists, we can ensure that your knockdown rebuild project is taken care of. With our Land Prep Pack, detailing the costs, inclusions and time-frames, the entire process is transparent and comprehensible. If you’re looking knockdown and rebuild your home in Melbourne, get in touch with us today.

Is it Cheaper to Gut a House or Knock down and Rebuild?

After forking out the cash to buy a new home, it can be hard to fathom the potential costs required to gut and renovate it. Purchasing a fixer-upper can be exciting but it also means a lot of updates will need to be made eventually, which requires a high level of commitment from you and your family.

If you purchase a fixer-upper, it is likely you are looking to make minor to extreme renovations instead of knocking down and rebuilding. Before taking the plunge, it’s important to know what you will be getting into prior to signing the lease.

How can you budget for gutting a house?

The exact price tag associated with gutting a home will depend on its square footage, the region it is located in, and how much work needs to be done. You will want to do research on the value of homes in the area before committing to a renovation, as it may be more profitable in the end for you to knock down and rebuild.

If you purchase a home with the intention of gutting it, include that in your budget for what you are willing to shell out on a home. For example, if your maximum spend is $500,000 and the home you want to buy needs a lot of work, you should aim to pay $400,000 for the house so you can set aside $100,000 to gut the place.

How much does gutting a house cost?

One of the most common gut jobs is a kitchen reno. This will usually run you anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the fixtures and finishes chosen and if any high-end materials are used. Gutting your bathroom(s) typically costs between $9,000 and $20,000 but could be more expensive if you plan on adding extravagant spa like touches or a mirror TV.

Structural changes to the house such as a new roof or knocking down walls are often quite expensive and can run anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the amount of alterations being made and the materials used. With old homes, it is advantageous to replace old windows and frames to help you save money on energy bills in the future. Depending on the quality and quantity of the windows, this could cost up to $20,000.

Ripping up old carpet and flooring is an easy way to give your home a facelift. Depending on the square footage, new floors can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. Your budget should also include the cost of a general contractor, unless you plan to do the renovations without assistance. They usually charge anywhere from 10% to 15% of the project’s total budget.   

Is rebuilding cheaper?

Rebuilding can actually end up costing you less money than gutting your house entirely. The cost of the job usually depends on the size of your home. For smaller single-storey homes, the total cost for demolition and rebuild can be anywhere from $44,000 to $190,000 and for larger homes it could run you up to $600,000.

That being said, it’s important to have a general idea of exactly what kind of changes and alterations you are looking to make to your home before committing to a rebuild. You will also want to consider the history of your home and the irreplaceable features that come with it. While a rebuild may make more sense, detailed crown mouldings and antique fireplaces likely won’t be included in the new plans.

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How Much Does it Cost to Knockdown your Home and Build a New One? ­

Cost effective and time efficient, knockdown rebuilds are becoming increasingly more popular, especially in the inner suburbs near larger cities. While home renos may appear less intimidating, they actually carry a higher risk for unforeseen costs, disruptions and construction problems.

Expenditures for a knock down and rebuild are subjective, considering it is dependent on the size of your current home and the home you wish to build. However, before beginning the sometimes long and tedious process, it is important to understand what kind of costs you will encounter throughout the entire process so you can better prepare for this life-changing decision.

The Demolition

You cannot build a new house without knocking the old one down. The cost to knock down your current home will be significantly less than what the rebuild will be, however it is important that it’s done safely and correctly to avoid problems later on down the road during the building stage.

The average price tag for knocking down a three-bedroom house is about $17,000, but additional factors could affect the price, running you as much as $40,000. These factors include the size of your property, the foundation your home is sitting on, what type of equipment is required, tree and pest removals, potential presence of asbestos and mould, additional structures you may have on your property and permit costs. Typically, you can expect to pay between $40 and $65 per square metre to remove a house.

Additional excavation charges may apply, including $140 per hour for a bobcat and tip truck. Other specialised digging equipment can cost you $100-$500 per day.

The Rebuild

Once the land is cleared and ready, it’s time to start rebuilding. The main costs are accrued during this phase of the process and are dependent on the size of your new home, the materials used, the structural designs and the fittings and décor chosen at the final stage.

The easiest way to work out structural costs is to calculate the dollar per square metre. For example, if your home is 250 square metres and the cost range per floor area is $1,550, the estimated cost of building a house is $387,500. The cost range per floor area depends on what state and city you live in, all the way down to the block your home is situated on. For a clearer picture of what your rebuild may cost, it is best to request quotes from various builders in your area and compare.

The design costs of your new home can vary by up to 20%. Depending on the style you are going for, different pricing will apply. The building materials you select for your new home are also an integral part of the rebuild. Depending on your budget, you will want to set aside money for durable, high resistant materials to ensure your house is not only stable but will also hold up against inclement weather over the years.

Finishes and other minor expenses should also be incorporated into your budget. Depending on the builder you choose, some may have a ‘basic’ layout to follow, and any additional finishes may accrue additional costs. While you want to have the opportunity to customise your new home as much as possible, it is important to understand what your builder will be providing at base cost and what additional features are extra.

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Knockdown Rebuild: What’s the Process?

The process of a knockdown rebuild can be complex and complicated.

You’ve got your ideas, you’ve got your budget, you’ve got your passion – but who can help put that plan into action? Who’s responsible for demolition, for contracting workers, for architecturally designing your dream home?

The answer is very close to home – Achieve Homes.

At Achieve we take care of your home from go to whoa. We’ll begin by taking care of the demolition of your existing house, and from there we’re straight into site set up and preparation. We’re there to complete your contour survey and soil classification reports. And your design & building approvals and demolishing approvals are all taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and start planning how you’re going to spend your days in your new Achieve Home.

And we take care of things you might not have thought about – asbestos reports, disconnection and reconnection of services, and all the required approvals. Important things that could prove time consuming and costly in the long run.

We’re here to take care of everything. No matter if you’re completely unsure what design you want through to picturing entirely what your custom build will look like, you can find what you’re after with us.

Get in contact with Achieve Homes today or find out more information on knockdown rebuilds and and start getting your plans under way.