The Benefits of An All Electric Home

The Benefits of An All Electric Home

The Benefits of An All Electric Home

Posted on: 20th December, 2021

Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 05:05 am

Sustainable design is well and truly here to stay in residential homes. One of the most significant ways to reduce your home carbon’s footprint is to design and build an all-electric home. With a growing network of renewable energy suppliers and ever-developing technology, it’s now easier than ever to heat, cool and power your home by solely electric means.

Here’s why you may want to consider it when building your new home.

  1. Cost

An all-electric home is designed to save you money in the long run. The set-up costs are usually cheaper than the traditional electric and gas combo, and generally speaking, electric appliances require less total energy than combustion appliances, resulting in similar (or lower) energy bills and no gas bills. For example, the cost of heating your home with a reverse-cycle air conditioner can be two thirds cheaper than heating it with ducted gas.

If you’re installing a solar battery system, these costs are bound to drop even further over time, eventually dropping to zero. In fact, a study by Australian company the Alternative Technology Association found that by opting for an all-electric home with a 5kW solar PV system, a homeowner would save up to $18,000 more than if they’d chosen a traditional duel-fuel home.

  1. Lower carbon output

A recent study by the Climate Council found that over 10% of Australia’s greenhouse gases are emitted from our homes. Eliminating gas in favour of an all-electric is being widely recommended as the fastest and cheapest way to reduce this carbon output. In colder climates like Victoria and the ACT, the extinction of gas heaters will make an even more significant impact. As a fossil fuels, eliminating natural gas from your home and replacing its function with renewably sourced electricity will make your new home significantly more sustainable.

  1. Increased safety

While every energy system comes with a certain level of risk, modern electrical systems have multiple safety features (like fuses, circuit breakers and surge protectors) that protect you and your family from damage should something go wrong. For example, induction cooktops only heat when a pan is placed on them, reducing the risk of kitchen fires and burns.

Gas systems may have their own safety measures in place, but there are still a number of hazards – naked flames, carbon monoxide leaks and gas leaks being just three. By eliminating these, you reduce the risk of a hazardous incident in your home.

If you’re thinking about building a new all-electric home, get in touch with the Achieve Homes team – we’d be happy to chat through your options.

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