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The Perfect Balance – Mixing old and new!

The Perfect Balance – Mixing old and new!

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

In the midst of a modern furniture frenzy where trends travel so fast, it’s rightful to splurge on a few key items and keep those with sentimental value.

When considering a knockdown rebuild, it helps to know where to draw the line between old and new.

First things first, your block is set among an old and beautiful established suburb, but your house will be sparkling brand new.

There’s a vast array of styles, to suit both your modern home while complementing your older suburb.

On one hand, these items can be bought decades ago as investment pieces or inherited from previous generations. And on the other, modern upholstery stores are turning to vintage-look furnishings to tie into people’s home styling.

The demand for vintage, refurbished and rusty wares is growing (though don’t get this mixed with damaged goods). Hunt for timeless trends to add a touch of chic to your homes new-found modernity.  Implementing this unique flair into your new home means you can re-use existing pieces which are in good-knick and head to the stores for some bargains!

Remember, just because you’ve crossed over to modern-style living, doesn’t mean you can’t fill an idle afternoon reading a book on an old-style armchair.

Have a look below at some key items to help make your new and old worlds collide.


A bit of greenery can bring any old buffet back to life.

Image via Simplyfutbol 



Any aged oak, teak, rosewood, or walnut woods pair well with light greys and light modern wooden floor boards.

Image via House & Home



A vintage desk placed near a bright window with modern seating and décor will create the most inviting study space.

Image via Design Market 



Even the most basic of bookshelves can be re-used in a modern environment. Don’t just fill them with books, add some modern trinkets for a splash of colour.


Image via New York Times


Fresh, stark sheets, a modern-day rug and some decorative throw pillows will make an outdated bed look new again.

Image via Dream Decor 



The classic brown leather armchair can be re-worked into any modern home. Whether it be shades of brown or tan, even the most rugged of styles will become a focal point of the room.

Image by Sophia Timothy for Apartment Therapy.



Whether you are reusing your old side table or purchasing a vintage look-alike, a bedside table is a simple way of balancing some old in a new room.

Image via The Every Girl

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