Can I design my own house with a house and land package in Canberra?

Can I design my own house with a house and land package in Canberra?

Can I design my own house with a house and land package in Canberra?

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

Last updated on December 10th, 2020 at 05:51 am

What Is A House And Land Package?

A house and land packages in Canberra is where a block of property is purchased from a developer or builder along with a house design for that
specific block of property.

From there, that specific home is built on that piece of land.

Some developers may have already selected a specific design for the property or the purchaser may be given a choice of designs suitable for that specific piece of land.

Can I Use My Own Design For A House And Land Package?

In most cases, design packages are created to meet the specifications of the piece of property as well as the overall style of the area it will be built in.

This means that designs that do not meet the right specifications may not be acceptable for the specified block of land that has been purchased.

This means that it can be very difficult to design your own house from scratch with a house and land package.

Are All Design Packages The Same?

Every developer will have different design packages.

Although some may be similar in some respects, going with a different developer will mean that you will be able to choose a different design.

These design packages may also be created to meet the needs of a specific market.

For example, a development that is aimed at first-time home buyers will provide design options to meet the needs of a smaller family.

They will most likely be more cost-effective than experienced buyers who are looking for more from the design.

Developers often provide more than one design package for purchasers to choose from.

This is done in order to make their development more attractive and open to the differing needs of potential buyers.

However, it may be necessary to choose a property according to the house design that is more suitable to your requirements rather than the other way

This is why house and land packages are normally bundled together and land should never be purchased without a design package being approved first.

Can I Tailor A Design Package To Meet My Needs?

This is largely dependent upon the developer and the types of design packages that they have on offer.

A developer that has chosen a specific design for a specific block of land will probably only allow minimal variations to the original plan.

Developers who offer a range of designs for the land will probably be more flexible in allowing for customisations to be made.

Some developers may even offer a solution to customise your own house and land package entirely.

Can I Choose Different Finishes?

It is very important to first and foremost check which finishes are included in the design package.

Flooring, window treatments and other finishes may be optional extras that provide you with a flexible range of options.

If the finishes are not included in the design package, you will be able to choose your own.

However, this will be at a cost over and above that of the house and land package if you choose this path.

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