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Knockdown Rebuild: The Solution to Your Family Home in Melbourne

Knockdown Rebuild: The Solution to Your Family Home in Melbourne

Posted on: 2nd June, 2020

Last updated on November 20th, 2020 at 10:14 am

Knockdown and rebuild, as it is becoming increasingly popular, allows you or anyone to design a new home by bringing down an already existing structure, to design it to your taste while staying in the area you love, suiting your lifestyle and saving you the stress of relocation. Making a decision for a knockdown and rebuild isn’t an easy choice to make, but making this choice gives you control over where and how you live, and allows you to update your home design according to your tastes. The cost of a knockdown and rebuild is also far cheaper in contrast to a decided relocation, as it minimises the need to basically start from scratch. With the help of a knockdown and rebuild specialist, you can build your family home in Melbourne.

Growing families face several issues, a common one being the increasing lack of space, as the number of family members increase. As younger children grow older, they may require their own rooms, relatives may move in and require their own space as well. In order to accommodate for this, additional rooms need to be added and common living spaces need to be expanded. Knockdown rebuild is a fantastic way to combat this issue.

The ability for a family to finance their new home is always a potential concern, particularly for a growing family. The availability of money might prove to be a difficulty for most growing families, considering an increased budget is needed to improve or maintain the standard of living as their family increases in size. Often times, relocation is too troublesome as families who have already grown to love their neighbourhood may find it difficult to readjust to a new location. On top of that, a suburb that could accommodate to a growing family home may be more expensive in comparison to the family’s present suburb.

The desire to stay in their present location is a common factor of families who do not wish to relocate. Among the reasons for their desire to stay, is the neighbourhood and community that they have grown to love, nearby schools and the quality of education provided in that area, distance to work or job opportunities, facilities and amenities and more. It can even be purely driven by the emotional attachment that one may have to their present home.

Knockdown rebuild is a fantastic way to stay in your neighbourhood while enjoying the increased space, updated fixtures, floorplan and design, all while staying under budget. As knockdown rebuild specialists, we can ensure that your knockdown rebuild project is taken care of. With our Land Prep Pack, detailing the costs, inclusions and time-frames, the entire process is transparent and comprehensible. If you’re looking knockdown and rebuild your home in Melbourne, get in touch with us today.

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