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House and Land Packages – How they Work

House and Land Packages – How they Work

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

house and land packages - how do they work

House and land packages are a popular investment in Australia. However, the financing options and restrictions can be confusing at first.

How Does It Work?

The Australian and state governments gradually release land to developers as the population of the country increases.

Developers buy large areas of land and subdivide it into multiple housing lots, with the intent of selling them to buyers.

As a buyer, you have two options for house and land packages:

  • Buy a house and land package with a house that the developer has already constructed.
  • Buy a house and land package where you acquire the land and then choose a builder to construct the house of your dreams.

House and land packages must have a house constructed within a reasonable time frame.

For instance, you are legally required to build a residential dwelling on the plot of land you purchased within four years.

If you opt for the land-only version of the package, you will need to get a mortgage for the land, and a construction loan for the property.

You can start paying off the land mortgage straight away, and draw down on the construction loan over time as you need to release the funds.

What Kind of Houses Are Available With a House and Land Package?

Depending on your budget and the type of house you want, you can get almost any property through a house and land package.

You can contract a builder to put together a house to suit your specifications or choose a pre-existing design through the affordable homes program.

Not all builders who take part in the house and land schemes offer every type of property, so it is worth looking at the different plans available from a few different builders.

The plans that are offered on the scheme are usually designed with a specific type of plot, and a specific orientation in mind.

It’s a good idea to talk to the builder and get advice before choosing a property.

This is because they may think of things that you might miss in terms of natural light, wind, and the land itself.

Homes for Any Family

House and land packages are suitable for just about any family size.

From smaller three bedroom, one bathroom properties to more luxurious properties with multiple bathrooms and even two garages, there are packages to suit most tastes and budgets.

Some plots even have large areas at the back so if you wanted to add a pool later, that would be an option.

Is a House and Land Package For You?

House and land packages are a good option for many reasons:

  • New homes are usually more energy efficient
  • You are unlikely to need repairs for many years
  • If anything does go wrong, your home will be covered by a warranty
  • You may be eligible for several tax savings

However, there are some downsides:

  • New estates usually have relatively small lot sizes
  • Most new estates are in the suburbs so you may have a longer commute
  • The builder may add extra fees for landscaping, paths, fences, etc

So, before you make the leap, be sure to shop around.

Get full, itemised quotes for the package that you are interested in, and ask about timescales as well.

You can get the home of your dreams, but you will need to do your homework to make sure that it comes out exactly as you want it.

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