What Is A Butler’s Pantry And Do You Need One?

What Is A Butler’s Pantry And Do You Need One?

What Is A Butler’s Pantry And Do You Need One?

Posted on: 24th August, 2022

Last updated on September 13th, 2022 at 06:15 am

Host to countless dinner parties, low-key nights in and family gatherings, the kitchen has never been more important to the everyday experience of a home. But the clutter of numerous appliances, Tupperware and crockery can quickly takeover over valuable bench space.

In the age of open-plan living, maintaining the aesthetic of your kitchen has never been more important. So how do you balance the need for functional storage with the desire for a mess-free space?

The solution is a butler’s pantry. This small but nifty addition can transform the way you use your kitchen space, helping to keep your main area clean and tidy.

What is a butler’s pantry?

First originating in the 1850s, the butler’s pantry was used by household staff as a preparation area away from the curious eyes of dinner guests. As the name suggests, it was also the workroom of the butler, containing all the tools he’d need to do his job. Initially only a feature of stately homes, it soon became popular in middle-class homes, with residents using the space for storage and food preparation.

The butler’s pantry fell out of fashion with the rise of the fridge, freezer and a different style of cabinetry in the early 20th century, but is now experiencing a resurgence for those looking for a functional addition to their kitchen area.

Butler’s pantries are often furnished in the same style as the main kitchen for continuity, with similar colours and cabinetry finishes. They can separate the kitchen and dining area, or sit to the side of an open-plan living area, with doors to hide any potential mess.

Do I need a butler’s pantry?

At Achieve Homes, we love a butler’s pantry – here’s why.

  1. Storage

A butler’s pantry is first and foremost a storage space – it can dramatically increase your kitchen’s capacity, with room to store bulky appliances, glassware, crockery and other culinary essentials. Portable equipment like stand mixers, juicers and coffee machines can live in here, as can dry ingredients, leaving your bench tops free for more aesthetic kitchenware. You could even include a microwave, toaster or wine fridge in your butler’s pantry to complement the appliances in your main kitchen.

  1. Prep space

If you’re a keen cook, extending the bench space of your kitchen with a butler’s pantry will make whipping up a feast easier than ever. It’s the perfect place to knock out all those messy prep jobs, before moving to the main kitchen to complete the bulk of the cooking. This is especially helpful if you love to entertain and would rather your guests not see every part of the cooking process.

  1. Cleaning

A butler’s pantry can help contain any mess that comes with cooking or entertaining. With the inclusion of a sink or dishwasher, you can move dirty crockery straight from the table to the pantry, keeping it out of sight of guests or simply keeping the main bench space free. When it comes time to clean, everything can go straight into the dishwasher and straight back into the cupboards.

A butler’s pantry may have been considered a luxury item once upon a time, but it’s now a valued part of kitchen design. If you’d like to add one to your plans, get it touch with us to discuss how we can make it happen!

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