How Much Does It Cost To Demolish A House

Uncover the Costs Associated with Removing an Old House

Uncover the Costs Associated with Removing an Old House

Posted on: 30th January, 2020

Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 10:26 pm

So, you made the decision to knock down and rebuild. While you have prepared yourself for the inevitable costs of building a brand-new house, first you will have to consider the price tag associated with knocking down your current one and prepping the land for construction.

What is the average cost to demolish a house?

A multitude of factors go into the overall cost of a house removal. Firstly, the size of the home to be demolished will effect the cost of the job. The bigger the home, generally more labour, equipment and time will be required. If you are hiring professionals to do the work, most contractors charge by the square metre, determining the overall cost of demolition.

Another factor associated with the cost of removing a house is the materials it is made from. For example, a house made entirely from timber will be significantly easier and cheaper to demolish than a house made from concrete, bricks and cement, as they usually require machinery and heavy equipment to get rid of.

How much does it cost to remove asbestos?

When knocking down old houses, often sometimes hazardous material can be uncovered, such as asbestos. If this is the case, the cost to remove your house may increase. Typically, you will be charged per square metre, with the average fee being about $25 to $50 per square metre.

The total cost also depends on the amount of asbestos that needs to be removed, where it is, if it has caused any damage and how easily It can be accessed and removed. If you are concerned there may be asbestos in your home, best to consult a professional so you can affirm before beginning the demolition process.

Reducing the cost of demolition

Seeking multiple quotes from contractors in the area can help you narrow down the best possible price for your demolition. Ensuring that when you are quoted the contractor has considered all potential risks will help you better prepare and minimise unforeseen costs later on. Also – using the same contractor for a demolition and rebuild will help you save money.

Recycling salvaged material from a demolition can further decrease the cost of your knock down. Sometimes, timber can even be reused when building your new home, saving you money on the price of new materials when you get around to rebuilding. You can also donate useable, leftover materials and items from your demolition to reduce the cost of transporting and removing debris from your property.

What can be done to prepare for a demolition?

Depending on the state requirements for demolishing homes, you may need to apply for a permit to remove a home. Typically, these types of restrictions apply to heritage-listed properties or properties located in bushfire-prone areas. Usually, a contractor can help you with your permit application, however this might come at an additional cost. Acquiring a permit could take up to 6 months, so be sure you budget plenty of time to get the proper paperwork before breaking ground.

Other things you can do to prepare for the removal of an old house is disconnecting your services such as electricity, water and gas. You will likely have to hire someone to do this for you or ensure your contractor has you covered. You may also require pest removal to prevent the spread of pests to neighbouring homes during demolition.

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