Knockdown and Rebuild Your Home With Your Home Buyer Grant!

Knockdown and Rebuild Your Home With Your Home Buyer Grant!

Knockdown and Rebuild Your Home With Your Home Buyer Grant!

Posted on: 21st July, 2020

Last updated on November 20th, 2020 at 10:27 am

When you are about to build a new home or jump into the property market for the first time, grants can make that first leap a little bit more palatable and help to ensure you get the perfect property to suit your needs. The Home Builder home buyers grant is an exciting opportunity to rebuild a home after a knockdown to create a unique and stylish property of your dreams.

How to use home builder scheme grant to knockdown rebuild home

An exciting development for new home builders and eligible home renovations is the Home Builder grant which provides support for not just the residential construction industry but also a generous boost for first home buyers, new home builders and also eligible renovations.

There are plenty of benefits for using the Home Builder grant, with eligible individuals receiving $25,000 towards their new build or renovation.

The grant does include new home builds, which means individuals wishing to knock down and rebuild on their existing block can benefit from the $25,000 to put towards their construction across Australia.

Benefits of a knock down and rebuild project

There are plenty of benefits for a knockdown and rebuild, particularly if you love the location of your property, but you need a new home to suit your needs.

The Home Builder grant offers lots of opportunities to knock down and rebuild and new home builds clients including the features below:

Cheaper than renovating or moving

– when you start tallying the costs of renovations, a knockdown and rebuild can be far more cost-effective than working around the old floor plan and the existing building. A new home means you will have all-new fixtures and fittings, including electrical, plumbing and flooring, so you have a quality, new build that will stand the test of time.

Remain in a location you love

– often the location is perfect, however, the home is much to be desired, and a knock down and rebuild means you can keep your neighbours and everything you love about the location, and just create a brand new home that suits your needs.

Recreate your dream home and floor plan

– our needs and wants change as families grow and children move out of home, and a knockdown and rebuild means you can create a style and layout that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Do you need an extra granny flat, or are you needing fewer rooms and more spaces to relax, the choice is yours when you are designing a home for a knockdown and rebuild.

At Achieve Homes, our custom builders create a wide range of knock down and rebuild and new home options to suit every taste and budget and we can help you determine if you are eligible for the Home Builder grant.

With decades of experience building quality homes, we have plenty of quality display homes, house and land packages and custom house designs available and can create a bespoke design to suit your vision.

If you would like to find out more about our knock down and rebuild or new home packages, or the Home Builder home buyer grant, get in touch with the friendly team from Achieve Homes today and arrange a complimentary consultation.  

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