The apps you need for your home

The apps you need for your home

The apps you need for your home

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

Last updated on December 10th, 2020 at 05:51 am

Let’s face it: we’re in a tech-driven world.

If there’s something you need, there’s probably an app or platform for it.

Got a decorating dilemma? What feels like a mountain of a maintenance problems? We’ve saved you the trouble of reading countless reviews and trawling the App Store with a roundup of some of the best home decorating and maintenance apps and websites available right now.

Best when you need a tradie: hipages

Meet the Uber of home maintenance apps. hipages has been around online for more than a decade and its app and website are currently used by about two million Australians to hire qualified tradespeople for home repairs, renovations and maintenance jobs.

You can read reviews, view examples of past work, source multiple quotes, check licenses and pay securely online.

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Best for décor: Plant Life Balance

Trying to dabble with a green thumb? This clever app lets you try before you buy by drag-and-dropping your pick of plants into your home to see not only how they will look, but how they can make your space healthier and more relaxing.

The app even draws on science from RMIT University to rate the health and wellbeing of your space based on how many plants you have in it!

Best for painting: Dulux Paint Colour Visualizer

Now this one’s just fun. The Paint Colour Visualizer takes the guesswork out of finding the right colour (and says goodbye to random swatches on your living room wall).

You can upload a photo and virtually paint your home any colour you like before you really do the deed.

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Best for home design: Planner 5D

Remember when you’d design your dream house in The Sims? Planner 5D is the grown-up version. You can use 2D mode to create floor plans and layouts with furniture or switch to 3D and edit your design from any angle.

This nifty app lets you edit colours, patterns and materials to customise your entire house inside and out – and then capture your design as a realistic image, worthy of an architect’s firm.

Best when you’re in a need of a tool: iHandy Carpenter

Five professional tools on your phone for half the price each would normally cost? Sign us up.

The plumb bob helps you verify the verticality of lines or walls; the surface level is the best tool to level a flat surface; measure angles with the protractor; and the ruler can measure – even things longer than your phone – by swiping left or right. No need for that toolbox anymore.

Best for appliances: Centriq 

You’ll be glad you downloaded this app when something goes wrong with an appliance in your home. If your dishwasher’s leaking or your dryer suddenly stops drying, Centriq gives you user manuals, how-to videos and repairmen.

All you need to do is upload a photo of the appliance product label and the app finds everything you could need to know about it.

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Best all-rounder: Houzz

A little bit Pinterest, a little bit Amazon and a little bit Choice. Need some design ingenuity? You can browse countless images of beautiful homes and save the ones that do something for you. Want to start building on those ideas? The app can connect you with contractors, landscapers and more.

You can also play Houzz with an image of an empty room or one of your own home and create a custom layout with the multitude of furniture options. Check out our profile to get some inspiration for your home or see our work!

Best for inspiration: Pinterest

The one and only place for inspiration for everything from travel ideas to how to turn an old t-shirt into a dress. Find all the inspiration you could possibly need for décor trends, home reno ideas, bathroom tile patterns, indoors plants… you name it, you can find it on Pinterest.

Create boards with images you like, save them by themes and find articles on trending and recommended topics. The Achieve Homes account is chock full of inspiration from our beautiful builds, so head over for all the home inspo you could possibly need!

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