Townhouses Vs. Free-standing Homes - Pros & Cons Explained

Townhouses Vs. Free-standing Homes – Pros & Cons Explained

Townhouses Vs. Free-standing Homes – Pros & Cons Explained

Posted on: 13th August, 2019

Last updated on April 22nd, 2022 at 12:59 am

Whether you’re buying your first property or downsizing from an existing home, you’re likely to face the decision of what style of housing to purchase.

Ultimately, the dwelling you settle on will determine the lifestyle you enjoy for years to come. When you understand the benefits between townhouses and free-standing homes, you can make a more informed decision about what’s right for you.

Finding the balance and building the right home for you

What is it that you want from your property? Is it expansive outdoor spaces to enjoy the sunshine? Or, maybe you’re happy with any space providing it complements your minimalist attitude? You might even have strong opinions about neighbours and how likely you are to hear them as you potter around your abode.

Deciding whether you want to live in a townhouse or free-standing home is going to be helped along by spending some time evaluating your current lifestyle, and the one you’re hoping to have with the big move. This will give you a better understanding of the best type of dwelling to facilitate that. Before looking at the pros and cons of townhouses and free-standing homes, consider what’s important to you first.

The difference between a free townhouse and a free-standing home

When considering how you want your forever home to look and feel, it’s important to understand the key differences between a free townhouse and a free-standing home. A free townhouse is a free-standing, self-contained property that belongs to a complex of several or more residences. This free-standing townhouse belongs to the homeowner whereas the land is shared amongst the other property owners who also purchased townhouses within the same complex.  This type of home typically includes an alfresco area as well as a garage or carport.

Alternatively, a free-standing home is a stand-alone property, including the land and any other structures within the boundaries of the lot. This entire property is owned by the homeowner, and land sizes vary based on location.

The pros and cons of townhouses vs free-standing homes

First of all, it’s important to note that what you might see as a pro someone else could see as a con. What you will want from your home is going to be particular to you and your family. The associated prices and costs of building a townhouse versus a free-standing home is going to be something that you grapple with over the course of discovering for yourself what your preferences truly are.

To help you find your way to deciding between a townhouse or free-standing home, there are a few key questions you should consider. We’ve framed a few of those questions up here:

  • How close do you want to be to your neighbours?
    With a townhouse, you’re sharing their walls. While this increases the sense of community in your area, it can feel hellish if you want absolute peace.
  • Living close to amenities
    Thanks to their smaller size, townhouses are usually closer to Canberra’s CBD. However, they might not provide the open spaces you’re seeking.
  • How comfortable are you with strata?
    If you want to own a property but you don’t want the maintenance responsibility, you might find that aiming for a townhouse brings you closer to a strata agreement. On the other hand, they don’t deliver much freedom in terms of pets and modifications. In such cases, a freestanding home is more open to customisation, but all of the maintenance falls on you.
  • What type of space is important?
    Let’s say you want a yard. Townhouses do come with them, but they’re often smaller than those that come with free-standing homes. However, if you want a yard simply to enjoy a green space rather than have one that’s big, that might not be a problem.
  • How much can you afford?
    In many cases, a lot of decisions boil down to cost. Freestanding homes are often pricier, but you could offset that by looking at a suburb further away from Canberra.

Making the decision slowly comes with benefits

Although it might seem painful to delay your purchase, giving yourself the time to carefully consider what you want, and whether a townhouse or free-standing home is the best way to achieve it, is going to come with the reward of long-term satisfaction. If you’re still needing a little guidance, you can always talk to the team at Achieve Homes. We build both types of property, which means we know the pros and cons inside out!

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